April 3, 2011
By Anonymous

The minute you walk in
They scan you
Up and down and left and right
Backways, sideways, frontways
And the minute you walk in,
A neon sign flashes over your head
Engineered by the girl with a million friends
Or athletic boys, stars of the show, social higher-ups
And it sticks with you
Just like the “Hello my name is” tag
Right there on your shirt
But it’s not “my name is” anymore
They know you – not by a name
Now, you’re a what
Intelligent, obnoxious, stupid, shy
What is who, or so they believe
But I – no – I will not be what
I will be who and thus -
I will be me
And that will be my only label

The author's comments:
Because sometimes, people only see the what, but you are a who.

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