One Hundred And Ten Percent

April 3, 2011
Reread the route
Memorize every turn

Reviewing the plan
Stay as close to her as possible

The gun shoots off

Pick up your feet

Avoid the potholes and the plants
Fallen foes in the forest

Remember to breathe
Between every long stride

Mentally tough
Block out all the pain

Physically prepared
Muscles still screaming in agony

No shortcuts
No ways out

Keep running or go down
But not without a fight

Show em who you are
It’s as simple as that

Whining for water
Just a single drop

Nearing the end
Quarter mile left

Seeing the red, sparkle ahead
But no energy left

Reading the time
Suddenly filled with adrenaline

Shooting out of the pack
Like some sort of rocket

Only seconds to pass her
Seconds to finish

Ignoring the screams and cheers
Not only from the crowd but also your muscles

Crossing the line
Falling from your feet

Screaming in pain
But not making a sound

Watching as the world begins to blank
But before it goes black

You’re standing back up
With a cup in your hand

Surrounded by people
Only thing supporting you

Looking down at the card in your hand
And only the number two stares back

You gave all you had
All one hundred percent

Yet it wasn’t enough
She still beat you

Next time you won’t lose
Can’t ever give up

Next time you will catch her
By giving one hundred and ten percent

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