If Only

April 3, 2011
By Josh Carandang BRONZE, Lorain, Ohio
Josh Carandang BRONZE, Lorain, Ohio
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One who only looks at the skin
Who profiles
Who judges
Who mimes the other mimes
Who don't feel what they feel;
It's all for a laugh... right?

Ignorance is bliss?
In this case, no
For to be ignorant is not to care
Not to see the anger
Not to see the hurt
Not to see what they're doing
Not caring about what they ever do

For when they really look
Then they can see
That somehow there is hurt
And somehow what they've done is wrong
And somehow they've inflicted pain

If only the world
Could accept all colors
Without branding the other

If only, if only, that's all I can say
We have to find a way
To make all like that change

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