The Wave of Noise

April 3, 2011
By Alex Haynes BRONZE, Norwalk, Ohio
Alex Haynes BRONZE, Norwalk, Ohio
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I sit there and think
I enjoy the last few minutes of peace before it hit
The noise will come like a wall of water
The last second ticks away and it start
It begins as a whispered whimper
Then erupts in an ear splitting sonic boom
It is like a wave of noise that hits me hard
I try to stand against the smashing force
I try to say something
I try to say anything
But the words are carried away by the sound
It goes on for what seems like forever
Then with one sudden SMACK it all stops
I hear the teacher tell them terrible things
I hear the whispered voices pushing blame
I see them pointing fingers and calling names
But I can just sit back and enjoy the quiet quarreling

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