April 3, 2011
By Anonymous

I know this girl all she used to wear was long sleeves now she wears her sleeves short she hides it no longer she cuts her skin like I do she is me as well as I am her yet at the same time so different my daydreams keep me awake eyes wide shut I can breathe but only when I stare into the distance nightmares keep her awake eyes wide open she can't seem to grasp her breath but her chest in pain we both run from our long kept secrets that we wrap in pretty little bows stitching them to our faces creating fake smiles cause that's what you expected but eventually fake smiles hurt making tear drops that we catch in our palms and pull to our hearts cause we're afraid to let go of the pain we wrap up with at night when I hold her in my arms our hearts whisper the same story dance to the same beat our eyes see deeper than skin and I become momentarily free letting all my armor fall to the ground so my skin can finally feel the sun feel the rain but that means openly feeling my pain I whisper secrets to her in the dark tears trickle down my face but she can't see them she is me as well as I am her but I wear my sleeves short and I'm still hiding my pain we've been judged by so many that we judge our selves so much we don't know who we are when I look at her I see something different I love her but I can't tell her the truth I know this girl who cries alone like I do I am her as well as she is me I call this girl my best-friend

The author's comments:
This is a piece about my best-friend and me. This poem is real special to me.

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