Daddy's Girl

April 3, 2011
By LivieLavidaLoca BRONZE, Wigan, Other
LivieLavidaLoca BRONZE, Wigan, Other
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Well hey :) Liv here, let's start with the basics: I'm 16, I'm really small, -.-- Smart blonde, (Y) In a loving relationship, c: :') I'm English, not American. I don't believe in world peace. The world will never find peace, people are far too set in their ways. I'm a rather loquacious being and I do love a good chat, with anyone really. I prefer talking to intelligent people, I have a strong business acumen so an extensive vocabulary is a necessity. Necessity is the mother of invention, as they say. "One fairer than my love? The all-seeing sun Ne'er saw his match since first the world begun."

One mans trash is another mans treasure
If you leave your daughter she'll find someone better
But what kinda daddy
Could leave his own girl
To fight for herself
In this cold cruel world

I guess the answer to my question
Is look in the mirror
And find yourself staring back
Resentful and bitter

She's grown up
And she got on with it too
Doesn't need you now
But where were you?

You were living the fast life
Looking out for number one
Never thought of that little girl
Didn't know who she'd become

But I can tell you
What happened to this girl
She's grown up now
She's come a long way
And theres not much you can do

So if you ever want to
Find out how she is
Thats if you remember her name
Or how old she is

Look her in the face
And you'll be suprised
To find out that I've got
My daddy's eyes.

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