Darkened Rain

April 3, 2011
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If April showers
Bring May flowers,
What do May flowers bring?

If birds in trees
Begin to tweet,
What other songs are there to sing?

If you can't find love,
But you don't give up,
Was there a point in pointing it out?

If kids won't be quiet,
And adults won't shut up,
Does that make silence loud?

Everything is different,
When everything is bright.
Now how about we change it?
We'll all turn out our lights.

The city lost its brightness,
The sky lit up much more.
Now let's bring in the rain,
To add more to this score.

Painting pictures in our heads,
The birds stop their tweeting.
We all make it worth the wait,
As thudding turns to thinking.

And in the dark, in our homes,
We are all the same.
No one here is recognized,
In the darkened rain.

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