The Gruesome Gossiping Truth

April 3, 2011
Blah Blah Blah
That’s all I ever hear
The chit chat
Of little girls
La la la laughing loudly
Ha ha ha the humorous jokes
Talking mindlessly
Gossiping carelessly
It’s the nonstop game of telephone
Saying one thing
Hearing another
Repeating the steps
Over and over again
Doing the same old thing again and again
Listening to one thing
Saying something different
Talking without thinking about what you say
Not knowing any other way
The thought of no consequences
Backs being stabbed
Tears being dabbed
Everyone unaware of truth
The lies being told
Friendships being sold
Acting like nothing is wrong
Hurting on the inside
Afraid because you can’t hide
Knowing the truth of friendship
Or not…

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