The Dance of Twilight

April 3, 2011
Sunlight spatters window panes,
Melts the fading treetops.
Lulls the birds to sleep,
Awaits its friend, darkness.

Sunsets come and sunsets fade.
But at the end of the day,
Their dancing and happiness
Is reflected in our hearts.

Glowing gold is spun
Into a thin thread.
Which tangles in the sky.
Covering us in a net of warmth.

Sunsets come and sunsets fade.
It's hard to imagine life with none.
No scarlet smudges,
No violet streaks.

The sky is so creative.
It splatters and smears its paint,
Across the evening sky,
So perfect and abstract.

Sunsets come and sunsets fade.
They entangle buildings,
Entrap trees, bushes, flowers,
In a blanket of darkness.

Bouquets of flowers,
Vivid, blooming, colorful,
Spill into the sky,
Giving joy to all.

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