April 12, 2011
By kokoro BRONZE, Plano, Texas
kokoro BRONZE, Plano, Texas
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How are you doing, my sweet?
How was your day?

What did your silent, glacial eyes behold
What did your fleeting, quiet thoughts whisper?

So many days have passed since that horrid night
When hate blinded both you and I,
Scorn disfigured our naïve faces,
And anger poisoned our innocent veins.

I often wonder what you are thinking,
While you sit there, alone, silent, and unmoving.
When I pass by you, do you notice
And put up all your defenses?
Or am I a shade from the summer long gone
A specter, unseen and unheard…
Locked up in the dark crevices of your past.

I often long to talk to you.
I dream and in my dreams
We are friends, again.
Nothing more, nothing less.
We talk for hours about our lives,
You tell me about the things that made you happy,
That made you sad, that made you angry.
I do the same
And bask in the warmth of your company.

But then in the faint light of morning
I awake and you awake
And we continue being strangers.

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