Broken Fairy Tale

April 12, 2011
When my dreams turn into nightmares,
When my nightmares turn into reality,
That's where I start to fall to pieces.
I had never wanted to believe in fairy tales
Until I met you, and fell in love with you.
Out of anyone in the world, you chose me.
I thought I was different, special in a way.
But I guess you didn't feel the same.
So then why did you ever love me?
Why would you give me the Sun, just to
take it away again and leave me in the dark?
You say you love me, then you turn around,
And leave me in this empty glass house.
Cold, and deviod of any emotion or warmth.
I broke the rules for you, left behind all
The things I'd been taught my whole life.
I left beind my world of comfort,
To share the world with you.
You were so many things to me,
But mostly,
You were my favorite fairy tale
That never had a happy ending.
Shattered my glass heart
Into a million pieces.
And now, there's no way
To put it back together.
Captivated by your unrequited love.

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