April 12, 2011
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Stare into the bathroom mirror.
Someone watches carefully,
Copies you and moves with you.
This person, so far away
But right next to you,
In another world unknown.
Sickly and deteriorating
Before her very own eyes.
Falling away from life,
Grip the sink. Hold control.
It's not true, never is.
Facading a screwed up charade.
Pick the flaws and hate them.
This is not your life, someone
Revealing a sick darkness inside,
Beneath a framed smile.
Tear seeps out of bloodshot eyes,
Take a fiery, burning shot.
One too many and not enough
To satisfy the cravings below
Your blackened soul.
Hopelessly calling out for help
As porcelain fades to grey;
You hit the cold floor too hard to get up one more time.
You wasted a life so unfulfilled.
The broken mirror shards scatter
With your deadly imagination.
Realization is a ten-fisted punch,
Watching your own deterioration
In a fake, worthless world's painful reflection.

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