The Real Me

April 11, 2011
By bleedingtruth BRONZE, Portland, Oregon
bleedingtruth BRONZE, Portland, Oregon
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How come the world looks so far when I look out my window
How come those highway lights never move
I thought for the longest time that I could do something great, be famous
I wanted to move away from this
Go someplace bigger than this
I know I could do something great
If only people would stop laughing
And realize what I have to say has some weight

Even though I may play dumb, I am a great student
Even though I make you laugh, I can do so much more
I want everyone to know that my mind as a lot more to it than just jokes and a smile
I know it may be strange to think but I’m more than a class clown
I know it may be strange to think but that glimpse into my heart will be gone if you blink

But my cover I show is just part of the game
Like everyone else it never shows the truth
But what really lies inside, the things that make you who you are
They are never part of the game
Why would I show my true self to you if you won’t do the same
We hide because we are afraid of judgment
Because god forbade we should be a little weird, unique, different
I can say all the empowering words I want
But that ever present sense of having to fit in will always be there
It will always affect us no matter what we say
We will always be trying to change something about ourselves to fit in

Somewhere along the line we lose who we are
I want to reclaim who I am
I want to be what I really want
Take off the mask and show my true self
I want to be the real me
The real me isn’t afraid of being judged by some materialistic jerk
That person is smart, funny, and caring
Look inside yourself right now, what do you see
Do you like that person more than the one is out right now
So take off that mask, like I am
Because I want to be The Real Me

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