why did you leave

April 20, 2011
By curtisha BRONZE, Valley, Nebraska
curtisha BRONZE, Valley, Nebraska
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i look out the window at the faint mist and as i continue to look i hear a voice.
Its calling my name and then i see a face
I want to make it out but i cant
I look out into the mist and realize its you I try to make out your face but i cant you call my name once more and all i see is your eyes
I know those eyes i tell my self but who do they belong to
I try to walk but my feet are glued like a nail to a finger I scream and cry but you seem to be fainting and just as i reach for your hand your gone
I tryed so hard to get you back to follow you but it seemed as hard as i tryed you didnt exist any more i hate that i lost you
i hate that when i call your name you dont answer
all i want is for you to be ther and for me to be back in that window lookingf at the faint mist and hearing you say my name softly in my ear.

The author's comments:
i only write about stuff that bothers me

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