April 18, 2011
Living lonely like my shadow should instead
Sleeping alone, a ghost in my bed
Always thinking of you for way too long
Stuck in thoughts of the past, I need to move on

Hiding all my thoughts and hopes away
Saving them, I might need them again one day
Trying hard to find enough extra time
Needing to clear a little more of my mind

Just looking for a way back into love
No way to make it through without a bit of love
Watching as the stars refuse to shine
Looking for anyone anywhere who has a sign

Really hoping that there's love out there
Hoping that there's someone for me somewhere
Searching for someone to shed some light
Looking for something more than just one night

Asking everyone for anywhere's directions
Listening everywhere for anyone's suggestions
Trying to open my heart for "someone else" again
Hoping that this someone will stay here to the end

Wondering, at moments, if love is even real
Or if anyone feels the way that I feel
Looking for any kind of anything for inspiration
Not wanting just another some kind of negotiation

Contemplating opening my heart to you
Hoping you will be "the one"; show me what to do
Asking you if you'll help me to start all over again
Knowing, i'll be there for you till the end

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walkingdead said...
Aug. 7, 2011 at 2:38 pm
i love it! it makes people feel! :)
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