The Heartbreak Game

April 18, 2011
I guess you're to blame,
Playing heart break like a game.
Every time, its all the same.
Say you love me, its all a lie.
I know I'm right, but I still try.
I don't even know why.
Say you miss me and I'm the best.
Yeah until you get her undressed.
Then I'm over, like a history test.
I can't believe I wasted all those days
Hearing all those "it'll be okay"s
And giving you those "Forever and Always"
And going along with whatever you said
Thinking of where we were headed
Yeah, but look what I got instead
But understand, I'm not a player hater
And, I know, you're not a good girl dater
but "Later." because I'll be the doctor and you'll be the waiter.

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