Night's Light

April 18, 2011
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It is that one bright light that when all is silenced twinkles over planet earth.
This is me.
That ever glowing shape set up above hovering over all.
It is what people lie in their beds and look up to.
It is the catcher of all dreams.
The treasurer of all wishes.
It is heaven’s street light.
It is the creator of all shadows.
It is what dissipates at dawn and arises at dusk.
It will never touch earth’s soil; it is to remain plastered amongst the night sky.
It is the silence of the people that brings this light of peace.
It is too sacred to be touched and may only be explored by the wandering mind.
When I am seen, all will escape you and innocence will erupt from your soul.
It is true that everything must go, but me, I will return.

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