Ode to Converse

April 18, 2011
By HerSecretEscape GOLD, East Greenwich, Rhode Island
HerSecretEscape GOLD, East Greenwich, Rhode Island
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Over my friend's house,
I had no shoes.
We were going for a walk,
But I needed shoes.

There were flip flops,
Nike's, Candies, and flats
In her closet for me to wear,
But I hated them all,
Plus they didn't fit.
It wasn't only that.

The ones I wanted
Were tossed in the corner,
One on top of the other.
The y were purple with
Light gray laces.
They would soon bring me
To many new places.

They took me to the park,
The grocery store,
The dance.
Through rain and snow
My other shoes never had a chance.

I got new ones
When I went to the converse store.
Black high tops,
White laces
With hot pink interior.

I have others too of course
Black, purple, and gray.
I wore the gray high tops to my Papa's house.
He said he'd worn the same kind back in the day.

Everywhere I go,
Converse are on my feet.
Except for school,
That's not allowed.
I wear dumb flats in defeat.

The author's comments:
I'm so attached to my converses it's ridiculous. They're my own little punch in the jaw to all of the girls in my school who demand the world to be girly girls ALL THE TIME. I wore them to homecoming :)

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