Big Sister I Miss the Old You the Real You Come Back Please

April 18, 2011
By Anonymous

You are my sister
Therefore you will always be my sister
We have a bond no one can break
No one can break the bond but something can
The shattered glass bottles scattered around the cement in front of your house
And the half empty Jack Daniels currently residing in your hand
I can smell the heavy amount of liquor on your breath
And the alcohol you now sweat because you are so full of it these days
It runs out of your pores like blood on a body slashed open during a massacre
Your eyes crimson red from the lack of sleep you are deprived
Your system now strives for alcohol like a vampire needing blood to quench his thirst
You never use to be like this before though
Big sister I miss the old you the real you come back please
I once thought you were a role model
You cared how you looked
You took the time to look presentable
But now would you even go out of your way
Or would you go on worrying about how you are going to get booze tonight
I know this is not the real you
She is captured
Taken hostage and held captive somewhere in a messed up state of mind
Behind a glass wall to shut her up
She is slowly drowning to death by the increasing amount of alcohol
I remember the beginning as if it were yesterday
First it started with you coming home late at night
Then it moved on to the constant worrying of mom
I know you probably don’t care
But she cried all the time she had no idea where you were
She worried that you may be hurt or dieing somewhere
She thought that one of these times she may get a call
That they found you dead in a ditch somewhere
And mom could not have stopped it because she had no idea where you were
Do you realize she probably would have blamed it all on herself?
Like she didn’t succeed at being a parent
But would you even care
I remember when I would wake up to the sound of someone pounding on the front door
And then I would look at the clock 4:56am
And then seeing the blue and red flashing lights seeping through my blinds and curtains
Of course mom thinking of the worst case scenario you’re probably missing or dead
But we were fortunate enough not to her this though
No instead you were at a party and ran from the cops
So first MIP but after the third I stopped counting
The list goes on and on
Big sister you had dreams and goals
And did you ever accomplish any of them
You once had a car
Got taken away to many MIPs and DUIs
Do you even care so many people have died from being intoxicated while driving?
No of course you don’t
Then you have had a job
Oh wait let me refrain that you have had several jobs
All fired either late, don’t show up, or drunk on the job
You didn’t have a car no longer so how did you expect to get to those jobs of yours
You have had a home
You no longer had a job
So how were you going to pay your rent and bills to keep your home?
All those things were taken away from you
By what you may ask
The alcohol
Do you see how this has affected your life?
And the lives around you
But do you care
Big sister I miss the old you the real you come back please
But the old you the real you was taken from me long ago
And replaced with a monster
And the monster only cares about the bottles full of poison that taunts her
Big sister I miss you the real you come back please

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on May. 17 2011 at 7:20 pm
saribel192 BRONZE, Kissimmee, Florida
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Favorite Quote:
God made friends to apologize for your family. -Mark Twain

Aww, this was brilliantly written even if it may be sad. it speaks the truth so many try to hide.


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