April 18, 2011
By Tristan Urling SILVER, McCook, Nebraska
Tristan Urling SILVER, McCook, Nebraska
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Love is an odd kind of thing
Some have very diverse options of their definition of love
There are also many different types of love
Puppy Love
Unhealthy Love
Tough Love
Brotherly Love
Self Love
Spiritual/divine Love
Soul mate Love
Paternal Love
Maternal Love
Conditional Love
Unconditional Love
Companionate Love
All these kinds of love have very different meanings
Some people think they know what love is and they might
But others have no ides what love is until they experience
And I mean love the kind of warm feeling you have towards some thing you adore and would never hurt or take for granted
Love an be very scary at times
But great in a long run
Love is meant to be shared and treated kindly
But not always is sometimes
It can be cruel and sometime leads to a broken heart
I have experienced love

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