"I can do anything"

April 18, 2011
By RawrXLoveX64 BRONZE, York, Pennsylvania
RawrXLoveX64 BRONZE, York, Pennsylvania
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Every day I walk down the aisle
bricked in tight floors
people staring, knowing me as the troubled kid
when I really get blamed for a criminal record
sitting quiet waiting for the great release; it had been decades
just waiting, waiting for my innocent self to break free
I know how I wanted to be a teacher
a teacher who cared for kids
as the paperwork troubles the pen to
dribble to my uneven skipped beat pulse

If I spoke out the truth, maybe it can happen
I know I can do anything
even if I chose the hard road
for the double daring challenge i've been waiting for
tossing and turning
remembering everyone saying
you can't do this, your pretending you don't care about anything
your a tough one who doesnt care about anything
well, there wrong, I will do anything i can and believe in
Nobody is holding me down like packed cement
ill try the hardest, im capible of doing this, anything

Forever I will know listen to your heart, not voices behind
because deep inside, be yourself
and you can believe you can be that person again

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