Broken up

April 11, 2011
By Fragment BRONZE, Dublin, Ohio
Fragment BRONZE, Dublin, Ohio
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Once so light; heavy, shattered heart
Now alone it is cracking in wet tears
Breaking apart, breaking apart

You are drowning, gasping for air
Desperately grasping for a hand
That’s not there, still not there

Immersed in quicksand, totally utterly lost
In a blankness so white and infinite
Colder than frost, than frost

Without him you feel so naked and bare
Searching for the other half
That’s no longer there, not there

What meaning did life have long, long ago
Out of this land of lost feelings
And white snow, white snow?

But even in the blankest, emptiest night
Fraught as it is with such
Lonely fright, lonely fright

There’s still a star, there still is a stair
That leads your soul straight out of
The hell that is here, is here

For you are yourself, the only one of many
Many others are there, waiting for you
Sweeter than honey, than honey

One is one. But many are more
For do not expect the next step
Surprises in store, in store

Sun bright, Sun my faithfully clear light
I swear that I will not cry
Not tonight, not tonight

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