The Empty Change

April 11, 2011
By Kunabee GOLD, Aurora, Colorado
Kunabee GOLD, Aurora, Colorado
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heavy-fisted falling until
the line pulls you back up
forcing you to smile
until it breaks and hurts
once more

they talk mildly
listen without hearing
or is it hear without listening
it's grimly changing
until the minds are changed to empty

words keep coming in our mind
nonsense, silliness
it doesn't matter
as long as it's away from here
where the place I belong and need
home appears, but it's not for me

carry on your dreaming
even though your voice
has failed long ago and what you know
is changed beyond compare
but it alwayss changes
and it's nothing

so forget and unknown
what came for you
because remembering hurt more
then predefined emptiness
where is the place to know
and why does it hurt so

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