Nature's Rage

April 11, 2011
The sky is a dark gray,
The clouds all scattered,
The air thick
With tension.

Straighten their stems,
Hold back their leaves and
Brace themselves
For what is coming.
Sensing their danger,
Scurry frantically
Back into their burrows.
Shut their windows
And doors to
Wait for “it”,
To make its grand entrance.

It appears quickly,
Droplets of water
Reigning down
In a rhythmic pattern,
Fiercely slap the ground.
Flashes of light
Flicker in the sky.
A crash echoes
Through the sky.
It lingers for about
A few minutes.
Sirens follow soon after.

The dark clouds
Lift up
To reveal the
Cerulean sky
That was there
The big storm.

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