A First Romance

April 11, 2011
By Anonymous

As you sit in Norcal cold
In the South I write you bold,
In hopes of this poem I write,
Will help you sleep well tonight.

It does not matter to me your past,
For your memories and thoughts I do not cast
my line into the river gone,
I do not wish for you to be withdrawn
with me,
for you see...

You are the first to make my heart flutter,
Thinking of you makes me stutter.
A blush graces my cheek
When with you I do speak,
And then my heart's racing I must stop
Least an artery I do pop.

Amazing and funny
Beautiful with a smile sweet as honey,
Though they are cliches,
I think of you this way.

To me now it is a must
That I gain your trust,
For though you act nonchalant,
I know you need a confidant.
Whom I hope can be,
No one other than me.

Though I may have no inkling of
What it really is to love
I will strive to do my best,
This I swear, hand upon my chest.

Cross my heart and hope to die
If to you I ever must lie,
Or hurt or upset or distress,
I myself will be a mess.

Then if another does come by
And makes tears fall from thine eye,
My wrath with be theirs to take,
In their own skin will they quake.

So please smile,
At least for a while?
And though it is very sappy,
I hope this poem makes you happy~!

The author's comments:
Written in hopes of cheering up my first love. It worked <3

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