Seasons of Love

April 11, 2011
By ledycrem GOLD, Springfield, Virginia
ledycrem GOLD, Springfield, Virginia
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As I strolled in our favorite path,

Where trees surrounded the way

I picked up a leaf, and I remembered you

Your lips are the same color as this scarlet leaf.

As I observed the footsteps I made in the snow,

I was so happy, for the snow was pure white

I opened my hand and caught a snowflake

I remembered our love, innocent as white.

As I smelled the warm breeze of spring,

I noticed that the bushes have turned to green

I picked a flower, and thought of our love

Fully blossomed, soft, and colorful like the flower’s petals.

As I felt the sun warming up my skin,

I heard the waves hitting the rocks

I grabbed a handful of sand and made a sandcastle

I did this while I made a home for our hearts.

The leaf may crash to pieces.

The snowflake may melt under the sun.

The petals may fall from its bud.

The sea may wash the castle away.

But you’ll never be erased

For you have grown deep in my heart.

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