April 11, 2011
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I am the one that has been loved by everybody
Been touched, been kissed by every single being
Then will be thrown away like trash after they all used me up.

But since you loved me so much
You made me come out of this world
Despite the fact that you just bought me with money.

That day you held me
My skin produced cold perspiration
And you opened up my heart.

You kissed me and drank all my sweetness
Bit by bit, you got addicted
Until you drained me out.

Then you held me so tight, stepped on me that I would crumple
You took my heart out and kept it
And discarded me like everybody else did.

Actually, I didn’t feel heartbroken
I just felt crushed after you got rid of me.
But someday, someone will renew me,
I will come back, and I will be loved by everybody.

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