To Love A Guy With A Guitar

April 11, 2011
By ledycrem GOLD, Springfield, Virginia
ledycrem GOLD, Springfield, Virginia
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To love a guy with a guitar

is very painful.

I’ve tried many ways to win his heart

But he’s always dedicated to his guitar

Like it is his baby.

So never fall in love with a guy with a guitar

Or else you’ll be a fool like me.

Don’t be fooled by his guitar.

He holds it very carefully

As if he was holding a woman

Caresses the strings with his beautiful but hard fingertips

Like touching a woman’s hair strands

But the sad truth is,

He will never hold you like that.

Don’t be fooled by his acoustic songs

You might think that every word, syllable, and letter

Pertains to you

You can really relate to his songs,

thinking that you are the girl mentioned in between the lyrics

But the sad truth is,

The songs were never for you.

Don’t be fooled by his tricks

Especially when he asks you to be his duet partner

Because when you two sing together the songs he composed

You’ll find out that the sad truth is,

You’ll be his partner now, but not forever

When you ask him

“Can I be your duet partner forever?”

Surely, he would respond

“I’m really sorry, but no.

I’m looking for a real-life partner, not just a duet partner.”

I hope I warned you enough.

I just don’t want you to end up like me.

I’m still lying here on my bed,

With my laptop beside me

His Youtube channel is up.

I’m still listening to his wonderful voice

The harmony that comes out of his guitar

Still dreaming that maybe later,

He would serenade me like that

But I must be fooling myself

Because I know the saddest truth that

His guitar would be more important than me

His songs will never be about me

And he will never be my lifetime duet.

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