Within mirrors

April 11, 2011
By soniaeli141 BRONZE, New York, New York
soniaeli141 BRONZE, New York, New York
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I like to paint
I like to draw
You placed me in a position where all artwork was based on my view of you
No, not love. Something beyond words I can explain.
A tree... and uncanny resemblance to what I held in my mind as your being
The sky... a glorious view into our intertwined fates
The world... I shake my head
You gave me freedom
I am trapped, chained
The lead only glistens, the stars shine beyond
I changed my ways
You changed yourself
Why was it me? Why was I chosen? Why did you get to choose?
Was it a blessing? A burden? Both
But now, with that brick wall fallen from the sky, what now?
I cry and cry out for help
I can't help but feel this will never end
I can't help but feel this will be the same throughout. Forever
Until I am in that Black womb, headed underground
underground where?
To despair
Despair that I've held
Despair on a loose thread. It can't end
A walk, a laugh, a grin... a movement, you let me in
Let me out
It's over now, no doubt
I need to escape, make my fate
Or is it already made?
I am virgin. You, my creator
A brighter sky shines over a dark one
I see your meaning, I see your name
But who is there to blame?
Did I steal you? Did you take me?
Will I end up living so unhappily?
No clouds, nothing...
It's all I want
A brighter sky, greener grasses
A gay tree, filled with leaves
Give me liberty
Let me see...

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