Left Behind

April 11, 2011
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Remember that great bridge that we built a long time ago in the past. We built it out of friendship and love that will always last. We'd always cross it to go to the meadow by the creek. And the river was mellow, and the animals were meek. We would sit in the shade as you sang songs of love to me. But those memories are gone by the burnt down bridge and the dead animals in the creek,because you left, no more tears to cry.
Please sing me again that sweet lulaby.
That you sang over the bridge, in the meadow, by the creek.
but wen it was time to cross over why didn't you cross over with me?
You had to stay?
Why did u leave me, alone, in this world for the bridge is burnt and the animals drowned and with the tumstones the meadow was filled.

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