The Lone Schizoprenic

April 12, 2011
By lost_soul BRONZE, Gothenburg, Nebraska
lost_soul BRONZE, Gothenburg, Nebraska
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The night welcomes me
As always I’m alone
Alas I'm not lonely
Voices all around
Barely making any sound
The moon is my candle
Guiding me through the night
Showing me the distinct difference
Between darkness and light
People say I’m insane
Listening for things that aren’t there
The whispered replies that are carried through the air
So I walk on
Not lone in the least
Listening to the stories
The trees whisper through their leaves
Is there a method to my madness Ill leave that unanswered
For I am not mad
My soul just a little more denser
You can think what you want
That I’m mentally unstable
A loon if you will
Nothing more than a label
But you already live in my world
Willing or not
Able to hear what I hear
Maybe change your train of thought
Just close your eyes and listen
You will know when you hear it
I will consume and caress your nocturnal spirit

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