The Wooden Bridge

April 12, 2011

As I stand here
Staring out across
The blue abyss
They call the ocean
A sense of peace
Of tranquility surrounds me
I hear birds squawking
Seagulls perhaps?
I think back on the day
Nothing but UV Rays and sandy feet
You think I’d be sick of the beach but I’m not
I look down at my outfit,
Tank top
Flip flops
That’s all I need
The wind in my hair
I look to my left
The great point sails across the horizon
I see my cousins making their way towards me
They had been playing on the beach
But me?
I’ll sit here and soak up the fresh salty air
It feels like an endless vacation
But in two weeks’ time
I will be gone
174 miles away
As the sun sets in the sky
My whole family joins me
on that dingy yet beautiful wooden bridge
As I make my way home
I look forward to the next time
I can go to the wooden bridge
Leading to that beach
Oh that wooden bridge

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