April 12, 2011
Life, it comes at you pretty hard, gives you a big push when you least expect it. The reality is that, you choose whether or not to come back up. Now, it may be hard but, its better than not trying at all. Doing things in life may end up as a big shocker to you and, it could make you feel like there is no hope left in the world but, that's just what was meant to be for you. If it wasn't meant to be then, it wouldn't have ever happened. You have a glint of hope, wouldn't take rocket science to figure that out, and it shouldn't because, you should be able to know yourself better than anyone else, in the world, have hope for yourself, never give up hope. :D

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Giggles4ever98 said...
May 16, 2011 at 9:06 am
This poem speaks straight from my heart and, i love it
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