Never alone

April 9, 2011
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You can find me beneath the trees
When life gets too hard
When you feel the breeze
You'll know that I have you in my arms.

You can find me in the rain
When you want to cleanse yourself of the pain
And when you begin to cry
You'll know that I'm that wiping the tears from your beautiful eyes.

You can find me in the suns warming rays
When you get too cold from lonely days
And when you feel spirit soar
You'll know that you're not alone anymore.

You can find me in the dark of the night
When you're desperate to give up the fight
And when your body does not continue to shake
You'll know that I have lifted you high above this forsaken place.

You can find me with the man in the moon
When you feel down and blue
And when comfort kisses your soul
You'll know that I am watching over you.

You can find me all around you
When you lose sight of the beauties in life
I'll be there to remind you what living is like
And when you feel like you have nothing left
Cling to my memory
And know that I loved you with my last breath.

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