Wanting to Understand

April 9, 2011
My soul burns. Its burns with the want to understand. I want to understand the trees as they move to the warm wind breeze. I want to understand the ocean waves as they dance and make beautiful relaxing music on a cool day. I want to understand flowers as they only bloom in the spring and blossom in the summer with so much love from the sun. I want to understand hurricanes, floods, and volcano's they destroy the beauty in the world with no remorse or guilt to who or what they take down in the process.I want to understand people why they hurt each other take things and always wanting never giving when they have so much and there are those out there who have so little. I want to understand grass It grows greener in some places when it barely grows in others.I want to understand birds they sing tunes that are so lovely but no one understands.I want to understand life its giving to many and taken from just as many more.My soul burns It burns with the anxiety of wanting, needing to understand the world in which I live in

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