three words

April 8, 2011
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A day like today
I heard from your lips
Three words that leave a scar
To the road of our destiny

I hide them with care
Scared I would never be able to hear them again

Three simple words
That embraced my heart
Day to day I hear your thoughts

The place we constructed
Over are feelings
Of three words

Days go by
And everything seems perfect
In this created world
Holding your hand
I believe those three words
It gives me hope
To not be scared of life
To encounter tough roads
To close my eyes and lay in bed
Three sweet words
They revolve my thoughts
With care
I wish I could tell the guy that says them
That I feel the same without being scared
With whom I can share my thoughts and dreams
I love his smile and the tender of his hands

Today I believe
And I can tell you
I love you

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