I am Normal

April 8, 2011
By dancerkimberly BRONZE, Moore, Oklahoma
dancerkimberly BRONZE, Moore, Oklahoma
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Favorite Quote:
"dream as if you'll live forever, Live like there's no tomorrow"

I turn like a top,
and I leap like a cat,
tap like the pitter patter of rain,
kick like a ninja
present myself like a star,
and listen to the beat of the music
yes I am a dancer but,
that does not mean I am weak,
it doesn't mean I'm a push over,
and I'm not always preppy
I can lift weights,
and I'm not afraid to sweat,
I won't let you push me around,
like some sort of wheelbarrow,
I am not afraid of dirt,
and I'll even camp in the woods,
yes I am a dancer,
but I'm not always graceful,
not in anyway perfect,
and definitely not stupid,
I trip,fall, and stumble,
I make mistakes often,
and I make good grades,
yes I am a dancer,
but I'm not all fluff,
not all about the sparkles,
and definitely not all sunshine and rainbows,
even my life can get difficult,
and yes it gets stressful at times,
I am a human just like you,
but dance it just my way of feeling better

The author's comments:
I love to dance, and a lot of dancers are stereotyped, so I wanted to show that dancers life's aren't all about glitter.

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