April 8, 2011
By angelak BRONZE, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Other
angelak BRONZE, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Other
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Courage is the woman who knows a goodbye
It is the man who walks the steps without a sigh
And It is the child who holds a truth and
(And it is the child who holds a lie but tells the truth)

Courage walks without a shoe
Soles tattered, ripped and peeled
But does not teeter (shake) when walking on fields of thorn
It does not stomp and it does not march
It is quiet, and It is calm
It needs not to be told about its arrival
For already its light gleams on every corner
It walks with a hunched back when there is weak
It walks with a proud chest when there is strong
It walks like how a ice would glide through glass
It walks like how a fish dips through water
It walks like how a single drop shakes on a leaf
it walks like how a single shard falls to the floor
It walks like how a tree would sway (dance)
It does not quiver and it does not shake
When approached by the biggest sake

(Of the cry of liberty)

It talks with a voice not so sheer
But certainly everyone will hear
For when courage speaks
Not one gives out a squeak
And though some try to shut it out
Its shout is, but no doubt
The most honest voice
Not low not high
Not cold nor warm
That appears silent
In the ears of false
But appears piercing
In the ears of truth
A sway in its voice
A silence in its pause
A shudder in its lips
A roll in its tongue

It smells of sweat and skin
A membrane lies within
wrapped in layers of hard work, an effort
Its odor reaches every snout (one)
It smells of eggs and rice
Though frail and small
Its taste will make one strong
Of a fish that has been brought up in a net
Of a bear that seeks it mother earnestly
Of a pig that is waiting its death
A mother cow who has lost her child
It is brave and it is strong
It smells of the grass, the green, the earth
Its nature is certainly recognized to one
It smells of truth and only truth
For a lie, It never has one
It smells of fresh barks of trees
A lightening that has shattered the sky
A wave that has hit a shore
A spark that has let out a fire
It smells of fresh bricks and cement
strong but soft
bitter but addictive

It does not wear any clothing
It is bare and it is naked
But does not shiver at the site of cold
Does not sweat at the stares of others
It is proud and it is forgiving
It is good at heart but strict in mind
Its thoughts are clothed
In a warm bundle nice and tight
For it does not let go of its truth, its mind
It does not let go of what it believes
Therefore its clothes of truth,
The clothes of its belief,
Is wrapped with bundles of faith and trust
It is wrapped with courage’s own flesh and blood
It is wrapped in its hopes and dreams
Courage does not have hair
Like the head of cancer
Courage does not have fingernails
Which prevents him from scratching
Courage fights fair and square
He is strong without a cheat

Courage exists in everyone
But only some
Know how to bring it out
and does not fail to live without
Courage is for the one who lives a life
But not everyone lives a life
Do you have what it takes?

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