Scared of Love

April 8, 2011
By , Tecumseh, OK
I thought you loved me,
I thought you cared about me,
But no,
It was all a lie,
Every loving word,
Every intimate touch,
All a lie,
Nothing was real,
Or at least that is what you said,
See I gave you everything,
My love,
My heart,
My soul,
My body,
My everything,
I gave you it all,
And what do you do,
You tossed me aside like I didn’t matter,
Like you didn’t love me,
Like I didn’t trust you,
Like I didn’t give you everything,
You say it was all a game,
But I know the truth,
You got scared,
And you ran,
Ran from love,
All because of what,
You have nothing to fear but fear it’s self,
But yet you still ran,
Your still running,
From feelings that you can’t control,
While your running,
I’m crying,
Crying from the love I am denied,
And why,
Because of fear

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