April 8, 2011
You picked me up when I fell.
When I needed a shoulder to cry on.
The one who made it all better.
The one I ended up falling hard for.
You lead me on.
Hurt me.
Broke my heart.
Picked up the pieces.
Lied, and did it all again.
Then, when it was finally perfect..
Hurt hurt me worse then the one you saved me from.
You played me like a piano,
and i let you.
Why am i surprised?
You're no different then the one You claim to hate.
You promised you were better.
Truth is, you're actually worse.
You hurt me more, and in a shorter amount of time.
You had what i wanted.
Gave it to me, and took it back before it was mine.
Now, I'm back to square one...
And this time, no one is there to pick up the pieces.
You're a hypocrite.
No better then the one who hurt me first.
For making me think you meant what you said...
...For making me believe your lies.

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