April 20, 2011
By britt1412 PLATINUM, Greenville, Texas
britt1412 PLATINUM, Greenville, Texas
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if you love someone tell them because hearts are often broken by words left unspoken.

there's so many chances you could of taken.
there's so many kisses you could of given.
there's so many hugs you could of offered.
there's so many what ifs or should ofs but not enough dids.
there so many mistakes that were made.
there were so many shots not thrown.
after so many hints you think you would know?
there were so many people who were better.
there were so many way prettier.
there were all the ones ready to give it up.
there were so many who could of stole your heart.
but there's only one who took the chance.
there's only one who got the kiss.
there's only one who offered the hugs.
there's only one who didn't say what if or should of.
there's only one who believed you every-single lie.
there's only one who should of said they can have him, hes not really mine.
there's only one in this equation of two who has a broken heart and its all clear baby it ain't you.

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