Your Word Needs to Stop Being Spread

April 8, 2011
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Here in the solitude from which you are absent.
We are free. Unburdened by your supposed magical ways.
Which are supposed to save our souls, I sit and laugh at the thought.

We do not need you in our lives; you are useless to this world.
Those that seek you waste their time. Always silent, I wonder why.
I wait till the date of your demise; I sit and laugh at the thought.

Since our evolution you have been around, in the mind.
Forever there and never allowed to leave.

It sickens me that so much effort has been put into worshiping you.
Cultures oppressed by followers of you, believing they are right.
Millions have died in your name and millions more will too.

A change needs to happen; when it does it will be a joyous day.
Our world will begin to evolve again, to focus on what is important.
And not you. We will go farther than you could have ever led us.

Life moves on and your down fall does not look good for the near future.
I am hoping I see the fall in my life. And I am not alone.
Us non-followers of you, will continue to convert people to the right way.

Your word needs to stop being spread, and let us be.
Here in the solitude from which you are absent.
We are happy and free to exist without interruption from you.

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