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April 8, 2011
By C33G_10 BRONZE, Boston, Massachusetts
C33G_10 BRONZE, Boston, Massachusetts
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I’ll never be perfect
in your eyes, I’ll never be
Perfect when the sunrise
I’ll only be perfect when its dark as night,
Where I’m covered in black hidden
From your sight, living life is a battle, one after another,
Every day is a fight,… see my ancestor’s
Are at the bottom, not too familiar with kites
Always brought up on the short hand, so
Not accustom to height’s, we struggle we struggle,
We grind we grind, lost on solutions how to make
It from behind, striving to be number one instead of being where we are
To give up now, we have came to far; tired of behind helpless of watching
Loved ones bleed, so we dig and we dig for that
Seed known as gred, the day will come when we will have
Height and be visible in clear sight; but we still won’t be perfect .

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