The Daydream

April 8, 2011
By , Plymouth, MA
Your beauty is incomparable to any others,
With golden hair as dense as the air,
Which smells of many tropical fruits,
Whose stormy-colored eyes I could sail through,
And gleam in the sunlight,
Skin seems as smooth as silk,
Your laugh is adorable, which compliments your smile,
Which is so white and so captivating,
I can’t help but to stare,
And I turn away when you look in my direction,
I can admire you endlessly,
You remind me of an angel,
Your nature so innocent and pure,
And I wonder if it’s true,
Only in my dreams can I see us together,
Because you are perfect in every way,
I have these feelings I have never felt before, is it love?
Do I even know what love is?
Do I even know her?

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