It's My Life

April 8, 2011
By bohink BRONZE, Boston, Massachusetts
bohink BRONZE, Boston, Massachusetts
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As I close my eyes I see a gloomy shadow off in the distance,
Chills race down my spine as the climate drastically changes,
The once warm breeze is now as icy as the artic,
The hairs on my body extend to full length as if I was a scared cat,
In the midst of this cold change objects start to appear ahead of me,
Out of nowhere gusts of winds bring in old report cards, essays, and tests,
Some excellent, some terrible, and some mediocre,
As I look closer my eyes start to adjust to the image in the distance,
I can finally depict the object as my father,
His eyes staring directly into mine as if he knows I am not trying my hardest,
Trying to escape his eyes I look down,
As my eyes hit the ground I realize what has been happening beneath my feet,
I have been on a paved road that has been constantly moving forward,
Forcing myself to look back up I am instantly hit with soft object,
I pull this object off of my face and I am faced with my childhood firefighter costume,
In the blink of an eye it starts to disintegrate in my hands,
As if to show that I let my dreams slip away,
Where my costume once stood is now what seem to be skyscrapers,
As I keep blinking these buildings start to take shape into a human form,
The once tall buildings are actually my family members staring down at me,
Their eyes constantly watching my every move expecting me to succeed at this career,
Suddenly everything disappears,
I close my eyes again,
As I open them I am greeted with a cool breeze from the ocean on my body,
I’m surrounded by warm sand on a beach with no worries or cares.

The author's comments:
What inspired me was the amounts of pressure that i have been constantly receiving from my family in regards for them wanting me to do good in school, and to stay on track.

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