When None Else Fails

April 8, 2011
No Worries,

When you laugh so hard tears run down your cheek
like a baby longing for its mother
When you decide second chances are o.k. a sad song played on a guitar

Strings plucked, a melody of distress

If he stood you up, left you stranded in a blizzard

Stranded cold like a flurry of white

A white vial pulled over your face
It’s over.
Rip up the one picture you had together like a man who has lost all time

All is lost a teacup shatter on the floor into pieces to small to count

When you crawl into bed, and just smell the blankets tossed around you

Like a butterfly in its cocoon

Wrapped up the smell of happiness
Smiling - feeling, being.
When you think it’s appropriate to read Cosmo love stories aloud

Like there is noting better in the world

Laughter like the smile of innocence

Pureness from divine sublime

If you feel like your math teacher is actually speaking Spanish

Like a car driving in circles, going nowhere but there

One question, where is there?

If you are holding on,

And you know, you don’t have to let go

A child on a marry-go-round

Scared or thrilled, a grimace of the future

When you write a letter to your grandma, even if its just because you are broke
Like the people never know, but I love you.

Three words, said to often.
When you have had the worst day,

And you shower, and that water washes it all away

Spinning down the drain, like lemon drops falling far away

Memories take over, the past is the past.

Where is the present?

No worries, no problems.


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