April 8, 2011
By anzia6 SILVER, Quaker Hill, Connecticut
anzia6 SILVER, Quaker Hill, Connecticut
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All of this is somewhere inside of me, inside of my soul
A landscape, nothing beautiful although it may appear as such
The backdrop of my story an ocean glimmering and calm under the moonlight
Dusty clouds, stars scarce, a cool almost cold, crisp, uncomfortable night
The moonlight turns the ground off-white and I notice the picnic blanket on the ground set for two
I see it all and yet I cannot move
A glowing, yet dim hearted creature begins to approach me and I can see this darkness that threatens to take over her beautiful glow
I wish I could carve it out of her heart, as easy and swift as it took for him to plant that poison within her
Mother enters, I look for her to know what to do, she is always so strong, yet her heart is dim too
They look at me, with sad smiles and I notice they are staring at my dimming heart
All goes black.

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