Flicker of Hope

April 8, 2011
By Bowman4864 BRONZE, Plympton, Massachusetts
Bowman4864 BRONZE, Plympton, Massachusetts
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From here I can see the water break before the horizon,
Crashing onto the warm golden sand,
Finishing its long journey through the ocean
The dry brown grass, bent by the cool breeze from the ocean,
Is dripping with the morning’s dew
My feet cling to the dying grass
As if to protect it from its impending doom
The breeze is getting colder and the sun is slowly hiding behind the horizon
With the coming darkness the breeze stops blowing and the waves grow silent
A large unwelcoming shadow has been cast over the landscape
Alone on the landscape I see that the sun is completely gone
After hours of darkness and solitude, a welcoming flicker of light appears in the distance
Alone and scared I walk towards it.
As I draw near, a beam of sunlight rises over the horizon
And the faint light fades in the glare of the rising sun

The author's comments:
This poem represented growing up and moving on from things I once knew.

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