Where are The Men Now a Days?

April 8, 2011
By Christopher Scott BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
Christopher Scott BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
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We are Men
People depend on us to do the jobs others can’t
Where are we?
Smoking our lives away, Drinking till the end of the day being lazy that’s how we stay.

We are Men
The so called “Leaders of Tomorrow”
Where are we?
Gambling, steeling sagging our pants as if it was a style, followers of the crowd

We are Men
We influence others to be what we are meant to be
Where are we?
Only following girls looking for sex and disrespecting them

We are Men
We are supposed to show love to our girlfriends
Where are we?
Leaving his girl for another after just getting one pregnant

Unfortunately, we are Men
The peace makers of this world
Where are we?
Beating up an innocent person for what reason, no one knows

We are Men
Where have we gone?
Where are we now?
How will we end up?

The author's comments:
this is what our generation is showing up that the men are not keeping up the standards of what a man should be.

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