Take my Heart

April 8, 2011
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Take my heart with you now- as I will withdraw its rhythmic beat,
As I will return its lustiness to its coffin of emptiness and woe
Where it has lain for decades, untouched and untamed and suppressed with animosity
In its coffin the feeling of love that was spread across its surface
Shall die a merciless death, and never will I return to its grave site
To unbury the memories of the lustiness that left a scar on her face

I will lay her coffin to rest 6ft underground amongst the skeletal system
I will dig this grave with my bare hands,
And dig till dawn with my heart full of grief and despair
Take my heart with you now as I depart from you,
For I shall not return with it, bearing at my side

I want you to have my heart, for it doesn’t belong with me
Take my heart with you now, or return this precious rare gemstone for store credit
For she will be forsaken where ever she goes, mistreated, doubted, and -not trusted
For she may gain courage and bloom in the winter and bloom the next summer
Bright blossoming flowers, peculiar colors,

Sweet, pungent and radiant like May weather
While your crops wither away and never see the daylight
- Which creates her reincarnation,
The scent of your presence will not affect her anymore
For she is strong like the wind that stands in the valley
And strong like the ocean that sweeps away the tide

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